Why We Write

Industry experts an associate right now how she was undertaking.

She answered with In .I am just holding in that room.

I quickly a eye-sight of an small line runner holding on his line holding numerous foot higher than the concrete floor I imagined, that absorbs!

I texted her this result:

In .The challenge with holding in that room is it can be way too easy to fall off entirely. Choose to get back on top of the line and keep taking one step at a time. Eventually, there is an end!

Afterwards, I went on a walk by the beach and was thinking more about this metaphor.

When we simply hang in there, in our lives, there is nowhere to go. We risk falling entirely and splatting all over the.pavement, below in one hot mess.

For some, myself included, it takes us splatting all over the pavement to wake up to how not cool In .holding in that room is.

Let me say this from my own personal experience,

Splatting all over the pavement of life as one hot mess isn’t fun, it certainly isn’t cool and it’s quite messy!

Now, from my own In .hot mess,In . came many blessings, however, I now have a new-found awareness to not let my life come to hot messes in order to learn my blessings. I’d rather not be a hot mess again and it’s my goal, to raise YOUR awareness so you can fully avoid the hot mess stage and simply learn from the clues Life is giving you when you find yourself In .holding in that room.In .

Even after learning the many lessons from my hot mess, my life isn’t all sunshine and fairy tales all the time.

Here are some of the tools I have to help me do this… depending on the day, I may use one, I may use ALL of them:

There are a lot of tools you can use… these are my favorites, but when life gets heavy, visualize the small-line-walking guru… whether he’s walking between sky scrapers or about to walk across the Grand Canyon, there is ALWAYS the other side of his line…

… Not the END of the line, but the other side.

There is always the side he gets to that he throws his arms in the air, jumps up and down for joy, and screams, In .

Yeah… now THAT was worth it!!!!In .

He gets there by getting on TOP of the line and putting one foot in front of the other… NOT by holding in that room.