Huge New Acetal Rod Produced By Gehr Plastics

Gehr Plastics Throws Down The Gauntlet

Huge new Acetal Copolymer Rod is over 24″ in diameter, a full 600mm. This is the largest Acetal rod now made in the World.

Huge Acetal Copolymer Rod, Over 24

Read about this large plastic rod material in the Press Release about ‘Huge Acetal Rod’.

For years, the major producers of Acetal rods have been ‘competing’ for the title of ‘Largest Acetal Rod’. Last year, Z/L Plastics started their production of 500mm or 19.75″ diameter Acetal Homopolymer and Acetal Copolymer Rods. These were the biggest materials available in the marketplace until this months news from Gehr Plastics. They announced this record size production at this years IAPD 2015 convention in San Diego (Sept 22 – 25, 2015).

Many ask ‘Why would anyone need Acetal Rod in this large of a diameter?”, and the answer is that producing a round finished part from rod is much cheaper and environmentally friendly than cutting from sheet stock. Cutting a round part from a flat sheet wastes over 35% of the material, and requires much more machining time. It is always best to investigate the best sizes of materials before beginning the machining process. Plastics manufacturers now make a huge range of plastic sheets, rods and tubes, which enable the end user to pick the most appropriate size for a specific application with the least amount of waste.

There are many excellent suppliers of these materials, and some truly fine experts with great insight into the industry. Consider not only looking at large suppliers, perhaps the best suppliers are those that care about providing informing and educating clients. The Plastic Mentor blog boasts the most experienced ‘Plasticologists’ in the industry, and offer dozens of insightful articles to assist those looking for the proper plastic materials. Other sites focus on specific types or grades of materials, including High Tech Plastics which is an online store for performance plastics in full sizes, cut to size and remnant pieces of the high end plastic materials.

It is best to do a fair amount of research prior to making a decision. With over 80 common performance plastics available, and dozens of sizes in several shapes, the width and breadth of materials in massive. Ask the experts for assistance, most offer toll free numbers directly to the most experienced and trained plastic experts.

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