The Big Break

I have been previously wracking my mental faculties considering what you should reveal soon since i never experience I have been previously quite profitable. No taking pictures, no cropping and editing, no producing.

Trash, the inventive brain’s been performing rather effectively, though the request has hit a brick wall.

I refer to it the top bust since often We need the bust. The creative imagination never ever puts a stop to – the good news is, it never ever neglects – but you’ll find circumstances to be practiced with a organization side of life and circumstances to be practiced with a personal side of life and sometimes you have to pull away from the action of creative imagination to appease these two creatures.

It’s often a guilt ridden road. Non-productivity in one area can wreak havoc on the inventive mind. In my case, though, not tending to the business/personal side of life wreaks havoc on the inventive mind. I get overwhelmed with what needs to be accomplished on all levels of life and end up in a vegetative state in front of the TV. I’ve found that taking a bust to complete the business/personal side of life often leads to greater advancement on the inventive side of life.

I’ve also found you’ll find steps to help along the way.

Now you’re probably wondering how to accomplish all of this if you have a day job and you dedicate your weekends to creative imagination. This then becomes a frame of mind. One or two weekends out of the year, think about this, isn’t that much time considering the mind numbing tasks are tended to and you can now devote the rest of the year to your creative imagination. Plus you have the evenings. You might not want to schedule two back to back weekends, but kicking these tasks out of the way releases you from the constant nagging that may be blocking your inventive genius.

And one more thing. Mind numbing tasks often open the mind to spectacular ideas. You may be surprised at what surfaces while tending to the mind numbing side of life. Just remember to write it down.

Will this work for you? I don’t know. But I do know that this is my last weekend of mind numbing tasks. In the past two months I’ve scoured the fridge, organized the closets, polished the windows, scrubbed the dust from the blinds, cleaned the light globes, swept and washed the pollen from the porch, erased black marks from the walls (and a ton of other things) and all while creating new avenues for my organization. Doing it all one Sunday or one half Sunday at a time.

I’m ready to move forward. To dedicate the rest of the year to the inventive journey.

Plan and stick to that plan and your inventive mind will thank you.

Peace on your journey – Kerri