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Starting on the Road To Linux

Learning Linux doesn’t need to be a difficult or expensive process. There are dozens of low cost and even free resources for learning and becoming an expert in Linux. Learning the basics is easier that most think, books like Linus Command Line, are great sources for expert level knowledge in an easy beginners format.

What is Linux?

Linux is an Operating System, like Windows, only it is not ‘Owned’. It is developed collaboratively, and therefor is worked on freely and not owned by a single company. All companies the work or participate in the Linux economy do so area sharing, researching and developing group, and share with the costs with all of the partners and even competitors. This spreading of the burden or effort among the ‘group’ means that the companies involved share in the results and a better more efficient ecosystem and broad innovation.

Where do you get the tools to learn more about Linux, and even become an expert. One such place would be the Linux Foundation and they offer free Linux Training online. From their extensive Linus Training Videos and Linux Training Publications, many have learned all the inside scoop to become an expert.

Sources Of Linux Knowledge

Another such training site is: Linux Reviews for Beginners, and they offer a step-by-step method to learn the basics of Linux. The quick start approach starts instantly with some basics of the code.

Here are some additional resources for learning and becoming proficient at Linux:I'm On Linux T-Shirt

IBM Linux Network

The Beginners Guide to Linux

UC Davis Unix and Linux

Linux Security for the Beginner

Linux and Basic Concepts

and Eli The Computer Guy Video Channel

These are just a few of the key initial places to start your on the road to Linux Expert. Investments of time into learning Linux plays back many times in knowledge.

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